Exchange rate Vologzhanin, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 1896
BIC 041909760
Address of head office 60000, Russia, Vologda, Predtechenskaya Street, 5
Phone 25-03-90, 25-09-26, 25-12-04, 25-18-19, 72-84-02
Site http://www.bankvl.ru
About the bank: The starting point can be considered in May 1992 when the bank received a license from the Bank of Russia. In August of that year the "Vologzhanin" has its first client, and conducted the first payment.

Since its inception it was the appearance in Vologda universal credit organization, which is able to offer the widest range of services on the market. The whole history of the bank shows that "Vologzhanin" really never stood still and was constantly in development.

In support of this already in 1993 "Vologzhanin" is licensed to conduct banking transactions in foreign currency.

In 1996, the bank goes to the international level - he obtained the right to open correspondent accounts abroad. Thus, significantly increased the activity of foreign exchange control and assurance of export-import operations.

In 1997, "Vologzhanin" receives a license of professional securities market participant.

In January 1998, obtained a license to conduct operations with precious metals.

In 2002 the bank was the first among banks in Vologda evaluated the effectiveness of leasing operations. Today it is one of the key activities of the bank.

In 2004 the bank came out with a new proposal to Vologda - trust funds for investment in the leased asset.

Bank "Vologzhanin" - is a universal financial institution, serving individual and corporate clients of various forms of ownership and activities. Strong relationship between the bank and its clients are based on mutuality of economic interests.

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