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License Number 2728
BIC 041909772
Address of head office 160009, Vologda, st. Chekhov, 30
Phone 72-70-30, 769579
About the bank: Open Joint Stock Company "Industrial Energy Bank" JSC ("Promenergobank") was created by the transformation of the bank's "Tradition", recorded March 4, 1994.

JSC "Promenergobank" - one of the fastest growing banks in the northwestern region of Russia. From the outset, the Bank's business activity was directed at the development of productive forces, to support business critical industries: energy, construction, food, transport and trade.

Promenergobanka ingredients for success are:
balanced policy, focus on working with the real economy, mainly from industrial plants;
support of the shareholders;
sense of responsibility, commitment and desire to fulfill their obligations to creditors, counterparties and investors.

The main partners and clients are energy companies, enterprises of mechanical engineering, telecommunications, foreign trade associations, trade and brokerage firms, insurance companies, financial institutions, the structure of regional and municipal authorities.

The style of the Bank based on the one hand, on reasonable conservatism, caution and flexibility in fiscal policy and, on the other hand, the timely and widespread adoption of new banking products and technologies.

The bank has all the necessary capabilities to carry out banking transactions on a high technological level. Remote account management system "Client-Bank", Bank of Internet technology combined with a precise and flexible control system allow the Bank to maintain a stable leading position in the financial market of the north-west Russia.

Priority areas of work in Promenergobanka are:
efficiency calculation of enterprises;
credit and investment activities;
implementation of target programs, banking (clearing system based on plastic cards, online dealing, etc.).

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Branches of the bank
Reg. № Name Active In Location (address)
1 in Cherepovets 27.06.1995 162622 Vologodskaya OBL., Cherepovets, UL. Socialist, 52