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License Number 903
BIC 041708706
Address of head office Vladimir, Yurievets district, Сampus, 14
Phone (4922) 54-18-65, 54-18-92, 54-19-38, 54-52-68
Site http://vlbb.ru
About the bank: Business Development Joint-Stock Bank "Vladbiznesbank" Closed Joint Stock Company is working in the banking market of the Vladimir region since 1990. In November 1990, based on the Regional Management Zhilsotsbank the Soviet Union in the process of restructuring state-owned banks was established Commercial Bank for Social Development "Vladimirkomsotsbank" that in 1993. transformed into joint-stock "Vladbiznesbank." The nineties of last century were years of a truly revolutionary changes in the economy. It all started with a capitalization of state banks and the creation of new mutual and cooperative banks.

"Vladbiznesbank" was created with the support and direct participation of city and regional administration, the chief of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Vladimir region, industry and commerce, labor unions and insurance companies, private entrepreneurs. Among the first shareholders are: OJSC "Grocery," SPE "Izolan", OAO "Pharmacy", Vladimir region, Inc. "Perspective", MUP Vladimir Gorelectroset, Inc. "Rosgosstrakh - Vladimir" of CUM "Valentine", the Association of Trade Unions of the Vladimir region ANO "Vladimirkurorty", etc.

In the case of JSC "Vladbiznesbank" fate of its customers and shareholders can clearly trace the formation and development of new economic relations: co-operative movement, which was supported by the very first credit bank, and later the formation and development of joint stock companies, partnerships.

JSC "Vladbiznesbank," the Board, the whole team, using the experience of working in state bank, learned to work together in market conditions - introduced new types of services to develop new banking technologies, learning to survive in conditions of acute and sometimes just fierce competition.

All these years the Bank has been working on the regional economy by investing in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in industry, trade, construction, consumer services, and private entrepreneurs. With the help of bank loans to develop and expand their businesses, many well-known in the Vladimirsky market companies, such as LLC "Our version of" Company "Toy Library" SPE "Izolan" LLC "Active", JSC "Erio", JSC "Vladimir Reinforced Concrete, "and others.

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