Exchange rate Vitabank, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 356
BIC 044030758
Address of head office 195220, St. Petersburg, Nepokorennykh Prospect, 17, Bldg. 4, letter B
Phone 325-96-96
About the bank: Our bank began operations July 5, 1990 as the Leningrad Commercial Bank of the food industry (Lenpischeprombank).

The founders of the Bank were as follows: Agriculture Committee of Leningrad, Leningrad Soviet Executive Committee, as well as a number of leading food companies in Leningrad.
1990 • August 1, 1990 there was an official register of the Bank.
Bank assigned registration number # 356.

1991 • October 22, 1991 at the Inaugural Conference of the Bank was reorganized into Joint-Stock Commercial Bank for the development of food processing A / O "VITABANK" with the founders in the face of the leading food companies in St. Petersburg.

2003 • After registration, the 10th issue of the shares of OAO "Vitabank" its share capital by 35 million rubles.

2004 • December 2, 2004 the Bank entered into the deposit insurance system under registration number 239.

2005 • In 2005, the Bank celebrated its 15th year of operations. Balance sheet total exceeded 1 billion rubles.

2007 • The Bank, together with other organizations, the financial unit of the Production Association "Lenstroymaterialy" operates under a single brand "private attorney."

2008 • JSC "Vitabank" joined the Association of Banks of the Northwest.

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