Exchange rate Viking, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 2
BIC 044030869
Address of head office 191002, St.Petersburg, Vladimirsky pr. 17 Russia
Phone 320-20-59, 320-33-25
About the bank: Bank Viking is the first commercial bank established in Russia (General License # 2 of 26th August 1988 issued by National Bank of USSR).

The Bank has the General License of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation that allows to exercise all types of the banking operations in rubles and foreign currency. Clearing transactions are carried out through the correspondent accounts opened with Russian and foreign banks, including NORDEA Bank Plc. (Finland), Commerzbank AG (Germany), Unicredit Bank AG (Austria) etc. The Bank is a member of S.W.I.F.T.

By 1993 Bank Viking had formed its main customer base. It became a member of the St. Petersburg Currency Stock Exchange and Association of St. Petersburg Commercial Banks (currently the North-West Banks Association).

In 1993-1994 the Bank began to work actively on the foreign currency cash market. Today it has over 12 additional offices. Beside foreign currency purchase and sale transactions the additional offices work with traveler’s checks and make operations with credit and debit cards.

In the end of 1995 the Bank started to work in a new area – securities transactions. For this purpose it received all required licenses of the professional participant of the stock market to carry out dealing, brokerage, depositary and securities trust activities.

In 1998 the Bank set up its own dealing center equipped with all necessary communication and information systems. In early 1999 the Bank joined the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange to satisfy more the needs of its customers. In 1999 Vikingbank opened an intracity office. In the same year it put into operation the software complex of the Client-Bank system.

In order to accelerate settlements and reduce operational risks the Bank introduced additionally the Viking Internet Payment System (VIP System). The Bank transfer money of the retail customers through the Contact system without opening a bank account.

The Bank is a member of the VISA international payment system, which allows it to issue its own VISA cards of all types and to render acquiring services.

The Bank fights actively against money laundering. Its activities in this area have been noted in a letter of the St. Petersburg Head Department of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

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