Exchange rate Tetrapolis, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 1586
BIC 044030841
Address of head office 197 046 St. Petersburg, Peasant lane., 5, letter a, of. 14 H, 18 H
Phone 230-16-06, 325-40-06, 498-56-25
Site http://www.tetrapolis.ru
About the bank: CJSC «Tetrapolis" - is a universal bank, created to solve any problems in arranging financing institutions and private clients. Our goal - to help you understand financial matters and make the best deal of all. The growth of our business depends on business growth and improve the welfare of our clients.
The bank was founded August 27, 1991. Original title: Joint-Stock Bank "Tetrapolis" ("Tetrapolisbank"). Bank shareholders have been PTO "OPTICS" PPA "Tetrapolis" cooperative "Tsvetlist" cooperative "PAF", LLC "IEC STROYMARK" Joint Russian-Finnish joint venture company "Atlas." Joint-Stock Bank "Tetrapolis" is registered in the Central Bank of Russia October 3, 1991 (license number 1586).
According to the ranking prepared by the agency "Interfax-CEA" for the news agency "the Banki.ru", CJSC «Tetrapolis" as of July 1, 2009 the net asset position is 773, and on deposits of individuals - 516 among all banks Russia.

Over the many years of work the Bank has established itself as an open and reliable information a credit institution, which could trust the people of St. Petersburg and Russia. Bank can not only maintain and strengthen partnerships with existing clients, but also constantly attract new ones.
Highly professional team provides customers with the bank - and the legal and physical persons - high-quality service across the entire spectrum of modern banking services.

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