Prime Finance

Exchange rate Prime Finance, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 2758
BIC 044030845
Address of head office 198152, St-Petersburg, Krasnoputilovskaja street, 5-а
Phone (812) 331-31-66
About the bank: Bank «Prime Finance» PLC was founded in Saint Petersburg 18 March 1994 under license of Central Bank of Russia №2758

For today Bank «Prime Finance» is stably developing credit institution. The Bank is included in the register of banks participating in the Deposit insurance system - certificate number 404 from 11.01.2005 years.
The Bank is a member of SWIFT, Reuters.
Since 2007 audit of the bank is performed by Deloitte & Touche.

Bank works on its capitalization and all the profit gained by the bank distributed to its capital and any management bonus programs would not exist until bank capital reached equivalent of 20 million Euro.

Activity of bank basically is focused on the Petersburg market, Leningrad region and Moscow.
Bank's branch network currently has 4 offices.

In Saint Petersburg:
Head office locates in Saint Petersburg on Krasnoputilovskaja Street,
Second branch in Saint Petersburg on Lebedeva Street (close to Finland Railway station),
Mini office at hall of Moscow Railway station, and a
Regional branch in Moscow.
The bank is the authorized bank of Fund of Assistance of small business lending program for providing guarantees to small businesses in Saint Petersburg.

Bank runs ecological and ethnical banking principals.
The credit policy of bank from the moment is directed by banking ethical principals, on giving loans to the enterprises and companies of small and average business of the region who does not product any harmful products.

The bank has entered into the agreement with IFC about granting of consulting services to create a special program funding projects aimed at energy efficiency.

Сurrent bank rate.

Branches of the bank
Reg. № Name Active In Location (address)
1 Moscow 06.11.2002 127006, Moscow, UL. Malaya dmitrovka str., 16, pp. 6, pom. (II)