Yapi Kredi Bank Moscow

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License Number 2555
BIC 044525448
Address of head office 1, building 2, Goncharnaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow, 115172
Phone 234-9889
Site http://www.ykb.ru
About the bank: The history of Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Yapi Kredi Bank Moscow” (Closed Joint-Stock Company) dates back to 1988 when the largest Turkish Bank “Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi A.S.” opened its Representative Office in Moscow thus launching Turkish Banks operations in Russia.

The expansion of Russian-Turkish bilateral relations, increase in foreign trade volume, execution of large-scale construction projects in Russia by Turkish contractors, ever-increasing tourist flow from Russia to Turkey, as well as liberalization of Russian banking activities motivated the creation of sound banking institution capable of meeting all range of customers’ needs.

The fruits of the long and laborious work in this direction were agreements settled between Russian and Turkish partners legalizing the establishment of joint bank in Moscow named after its chief shareholders “Yapi Toko Bank”.

On November 1, 1993 the Bank was granted General License. Ranking among the prime 12 banks partially financed by foreign capital and possessing the Bank of Russia licenses, “Yapi Toko Bank” took its strong stand in the Russian banking system.

In 1999 the bank’s principal founder, the largest Turkish commercial bank “Yapi ve Credi Bankasi A.S.”, got hold of 99,843% of its shares. The Bank was renamed as “Yapi Kredi Bank Moscow”.

The economic crisis of 1998 in Russia did not cause retrogress in the services rendered by the Bank. Conversely, the number of its clients has indeed increased. It withstood as a reliable source of financing.

Recent economic recovery in Russia as well as an uptrend in volume of investments determined the key position for banking system in all sort of investment processes. Under the existing macro- and microenvironment conditions, “Yapi Kredi Bank Moscow” offers a package of services for its clients while applying modern technologies and individual approach to the clients’ needs. Therefore, “Yapi Kredi Bank Moscow” contributes to the influx of direct investments to local economy, and as a stable element of the corporate financial market it confidently fills this niche.

In 2004 JSCB “Yapi Kredi Bank Moscow” opened its subsidiary office “Yapi Kredi Bank Moscow – Paveletskaya".

Today, the bank is a member of the Russian Banks Association and Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Yapi Kredi Bank Moscow” renders assistance to the Union of Russian and Turkish Entrepreneurs uniting a great number of businessmen from the two countries.

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