Exchange rate Vityaz, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 2890
BIC 044583971
Address of head office 107045, Moscow, street Sretenka, 16. / 2
Phone (495) 280-07-36
About the bank: Commercial Bank "VITYAZ" - (Limited Liability Company) registered with the Bank of Russia June 10, 1994, № 2890. The Bank is licensed by the Bank of Russia banking operations of businesses and individuals in rubles and foreign currency.
CB "VITYAZ" - (LLC) is a dynamically developing bank and aims to develop the activities of the universal bank, is actively working in the financial markets, and provides a set of high-tech services to large corporate clients, small and medium businesses and private clients.
At the end of 2009, "NOTA-Bank" (JSC) has acquired 100% stake in the Bank.
Due to changes in the composition of the Bank of qualitative changes in the Bank. Came a new management team, which determined the development strategy of the Bank's medium-term. Under this strategy, the Bank is developing as a universal bank, focused on servicing a wide range of clients physical and legal persons by providing them with the full range of banking services using their own capabilities and resources.
CB "VITYAZ" - (LTD) sees its primary goal to provide each client a full range of the latest banking products and services are constantly introducing the latest achievements in information technology, improving business processes and improving service levels.

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