Exchange rate ROSTRABANK, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 1684
BIC 044525874
Address of head office 115035, Moscow, ul. Sadovnicheskaya, 25, 27, Building 1
Phone (495)223-00-55, (495)223-00-60
About the bank: STOCK COMMERCIAL BANK OF BUSINESS "ROSTRABANK" (Closed Joint Stock Company) (JSCB "ROSTRABANK") was organized in 1991. The Bank is registered by the Central Bank of the RSFSR December 26, 1991 under registration number 1684.

The main objective of our Bank - to provide businesses and individuals a full range of banking services. These services are provided in full accordance with applicable law and available to the JSCB "ROSTRABANK" license of the Bank of Russia. The Bank is a member of the Association of Russian Banks (ARB) and the Moscow International Currency Association (MICA).
In its equipment technology, advanced software and telecommunication facilities the Bank complies with the requirements of modern banking. We offer our clients the following services:
Cash service clients in rubles and foreign currency;
lending and deposit transactions with legal entities and natural persons;
issuance of bills of exchange;
mortgage transactions in commodity and material values, real estate, securities;
banking and bank transfers in foreign currency;
documentary, guarantee transactions;
passports of export-import transactions;
exchange operations with cash and cashless currency.

In addition, we provide expert advice on money management.

JSCB "ROSTRABANK" actively working on the foreign exchange market. The correspondent network enables the Bank as soon as possible to fulfill customer requests to transfer funds in foreign currency.

The main priorities of our activity - efficiency and safety of the investment shareholders, customers and depositors of the Bank. The Bank makes every effort to ensure that service levels meet the requirements of time and was the most high. Employees of the Bank "ROSTRABANK" - competent professionals. Our relationships with clients are built on the principles of certain obligations, long-term partnership and mutual benefit.

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