Republic Bank

Exchange rate Republic Bank, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 3277
BIC 044525442
Address of head office 107045, Moscow, Daev Lane, 20
Phone (495) 626-49-91
About the bank: JSC "Republic Bank" - a dynamic organization, part of the stable banks with no signs of financial difficulties. Registered with the CBR November 16, 1995, is active in the Russian market of banking services to more than 10 years. Operates on the basis of the General license for banking operations in rubles and foreign currency issued by the Bank of Russia 06.11.2002, № 3277. Has a certificate number 853 party insurance contributions (deposits) of individuals in the banks of the Russian Federation of 11.08.2005, FSB license for the right to carry out activities for maintenance, the spread of encryption (cryptographic) means the provision of services in the field of data encryption systems electronic document.
The Bank is an associate member of the international payment system VISA International. Member of International Information and Dealing System REUTERS. A member of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange. Member of International Settlements interbank SWIFT, a member of the Russian National Association SWIFT. Has a branch "Opole" in the city of Vladimir.

The Bank's mission:
effective development and leadership among the medium-sized private universal banks in Russia;
use of modern banking technology and enhancing business value for our shareholders;
better quality service to our customers;
effective management based on the ability to interact with people;
clear and shared by all employees of the values ??and standards of their strict observance;
success based on the care of our customers, employees and their own development;
commitment to the principle: "The main thing - do not make the main thing - to keep."

Сurrent bank rate.

Branches of the bank
Reg. № Name Active In Location (address)
1 Opole 20.08.1999 600001, Vladimir, UL. Noble, d. 10-a