Exchange rate Raiffeisenbank, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 3292
BIC 044525700
Address of head office 129090, Moscow, Troitskaya st., 17, Building 1
Phone 721-9900, 721-9901
Site http://www.raiffeisen.ru
About the bank: CJSC "Raiffeisenbank" is a subsidiary bank of Raiffeisen Bank International AG. The Bank operates in Russia since 1996 and provides a full range of services to private and corporate customers, residents and nonresidents in rubles and foreign currency. Moscow Main Territorial Department of the Bank of Russia (BIC OPERA Moscow Chief Territorial Office of the Bank of Russia 044,525,700) shall supervise the activities of Raiffeisenbank.
In early 2006, Raiffeisen International Group (prior to the merger of Raiffeisen International and RZB) acquired 100% shares in OAO "Impexbank", in March 2007 was made an official decision on the start date of the reorganization of OAO "Impexbank" in the form of a merger of CJSC "Raiffeisenbank Austria".
Raiffeisenbank is one of the most reliable banks in Russia.
CJSC "Raiffeisenbank" occupies 10th place in terms of assets as a result of the 1st quarter of 2012 (the "Interfax-CEA"). According to "Interfax-CEA" CJSC "Raiffeisenbank" is on the 5th place in Russia in terms of individuals and the 10th place in terms of loans to individuals as a result of the 1st quarter of 2012.
According to the international rating agency Fitch Ratings, a long-term issuer default rating (IDR) in foreign currency and local currency stands at BBB +, outlook "stable", a short-term foreign currency IDR - F2, Support rating - 2, individual rating - C / D, resilience rating - bb + and long-term national scale rating at the level of AAA (rus), "stable" outlook.
The company Standard & Poor's has assigned a long-term bank credit rating in foreign currency and local currency BBB, "stable" outlook, short-term credit rating in foreign currency and local currency A-3, the credit rating on a national scale at the level of ruAAA.
Moody `s Interfax Rating Agency assigned a long-term rating to the bank of bank deposits in national currency national scale Aaa.ru (revised with a view to reducing). Moody `s Investors Service has assigned the following ratings Raiffeisenbank: Long-term bank deposits in foreign currency and local currency Baa3 (revised with a view to reducing) and Prime-3 short-term rating of bank deposits in foreign currency and local currency, the financial strength rating of the bank at the level of D + (outlook" stable ").

Сurrent bank rate.

Branches of the bank
Reg. № Name Active In Location (address)
1 Northern capital 13.09.2001 191186, Saint-Petersburg, Moika Embankment, 36
2 Ural 31.01.2005 620075, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 10
3 Samara 24.08.2005 443010 Samara, St. Molodogvardeyskaya coal mine, 180
4 Siberian 25.10.2005 630099, Novosibirsk, UL. Uritskogo str., 20
5 South Ural 27.01.2006 454091, Chelyabinsk, Karl Marx House, 38
6 Volga in Nizhny Novgorod 20.04.2006 603000, Nizhny Novgorod, Maxim Gorky, House 117
7 South 19.05.2006 350015, Krasnodar, Central District, St. Severnaya, d. 311/1
8 Krasnoyarsk 11.08.2006 660049, Krasnoyarsk, Mira Avenue, 74 "a"
9 Perm 29.08.2006 614045, Perm, street. Sovetskaya, House 72
10 Tyumen 28.08.2007 625048, Tyumen, UL. Refrigeration, d. 114
13 Annunciation 23.11.2007 675000, Amur Oblast, Blagoveshchensk, street. Pioneer, d. 32/2
42 Far East 23.11.2007 the city of Khabarovsk, 680028, UL. Turgenev House 96, building 4
56 Moscow 23.11.2007 125252, Moscow, UL. Novopesčanaâ, d. 20/2/10
57 Respublika Bashkortostan 26.05.2008 450077, Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, UL. Karl Marx, d. 20
58 Kursky 24.12.2008 305035, Kursk, UL. Dzerzhinskogo str., 90-b