Exchange rate PROMINVESTRASCHET, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 2655
BIC 044585491
Address of head office 121099, Moscow, Novinsky Boulevard, 3, Building 1.
Phone (495) 742-05-05, (495) 742-31-33
About the bank: Commercial Bank of industrial investment calculations "Prominvestraschet" (limited liability company) (CB "PROMINVESTRASCHET") was launched January 20, 1994, and operates in the market of banking services in Russia for over 18 years.

Bank of CB "PROMINVESTRASCHET" Bank of Russia assigned and included in the State Register of Credit Institutions registration number 2655.

The bank CB "PROMINVESTRASCHET" has the general license CB RF № 2655, and is a member of the system of deposit insurance, certificate number 284 of December 9, 2004

Since the founding of the Bank CB 'PROMINVESTRASCHET "has successfully been in business, despite all the turmoil of the financial market of Russia since then. The result is a high degree of confidence in the Bank by the customer, the recognition of professionalism and competence of the Bank of partners, a stable financial growth.

A balanced and well thought out policy of the Bank of CB "PROMINVESTRASCHET" allowed painlessly overcome the crisis in 1995, 1998, the summer of 2004 and recent developments in financial markets.

Financial stability of CB "PROMINVESTRASCHET" confirmed by the rating agency "AK & M". To date, the Bank is rated B + +.

The bank CB "PROMINVESTRASCHET" does not permit the violation of financial obligations to their clients, which confirms the correctness of the chosen course, the priorities and the fundamental principles of the Bank:

An individual approach;
At the beginning of 2012 the Bank's deposit portfolio is 2.993 billion rubles., The loan portfolio is equal to 4.588 billion rubles. The total assets of the Bank - 11.820 billion rubles. The authorized capital - 750 million rubles.

Сurrent bank rate.

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