Exchange rate PRADO-BANK, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 3378
BIC 044599810
Address of head office 119146, Moscow, Komsomol prospect, 32
Phone (495) 225-60-50
About the bank: PRADO-BANK - versatile, high-tech financial structure with a wide range of operations and services:

Opening and maintaining accounts of residents and nonresidents of the Russian Federation Consultation on the issues of banking law and financial transactions;
Settlement services with the use of continuous processing payments «Fast Info3»;
Electronic Payments in Moscow and Moscow region, most regions of the Russian Federation;
Payments in real time on clients and correspondents PRADO-Bank;
Extended trading day;
Ability for customers to use funds received against them during the trading day;
Cash service using the best box office equipment;
"The Bank-Client";
Loans for legal entities: individual lending programs;
Factoring, leasing;
Accommodation and foreign currency cash deposits and promissory notes of the Bank;
Conversion operations;
Service export-import contracts;
Documentary operations;
Collection, storage and transportation of valuables.

Сurrent bank rate.

Branches of the bank
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