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License Number 2179
BIC 044585297
Address of head office 11, bldg. 13, Timura Frunze St., Moscow 119021, Russia
Phone 755-88-65, 755-88-66
Site http://www.bank-open.ru
About the bank: OTKRITIE Bank (JSC) is a universal lending institution which delivers a full array of services for retail and corporate clients, as well as companies and institutional investors.

Our program for retail clients offers a broad range of financial solutions, including auto financing, deposits (insured deposits), consumer credits, auto loans, plastic cards, credit cards, safety deposit boxes, and mutual fund investments for private investors. The Bank can provide the following services for corporate clients: deposits, cash and settlement services, financing, project financing, trade finance operations, payroll projects, securities operations and collection services.

Mortgage lending is one of the key areas being developed by the Bank. We offer clients the ability to purchase an apartment or country house by providing a mortgage loan, or issuing a large sum using property as collateral. Taking out a mortgage is both easy and convenient at OTKRITIE Bank.

OTKRITIE Bank remains committed to supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In November 2009 the Bank renewed its credit line for the representatives of this market segment and lowered its rates on all credit and loan products.

At present, the Bank has a footprint in 53 cities and 36 of the most economically developed regions of the Russian Federation. Clients at all branches of OTKRITIE Bank have access to the full range of products and services in all areas of the Bank’s activities. The Bank’s universality is its key competitive edge, i.e. the ability to combine classical banking services with investment banking solutions. Furthermore, a client-oriented approach was selected as the key driver for achieving business expansion.

The main shareholder of OTKRITIE Bank is OTKRITIE Financial Corporation, one of Russia’s leading banking groups, which offers its clients and partners the full array of investment banking, commercial banking and investment management services.

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Branches of the bank
Reg. № Name Active In Location (address)
2 Novosibirsk 23.06.2004 630132, Novosibirsk, chelyuskintsev str., 15
3 Saratov 25.05.2006 410056, Saratov peaceful lane, 4
4 Tula 21.07.2006 300041, Tula, street. Sovetskaya, d. 12
5 Tver 31.08.2006 170100, Tver, lane. Free, d. 9
7 Krasnoyarsk 01.12.2009 660021, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Krasnoyarsk, street. Robespierre, d. 32, Ind. 161, 162
8 Tyumen 01.12.2009 625023, Tyumen, UL. Odessa, d. 63/2 63/4,
9 Rostov 02.12.2009 344006, Rostov-na-Donu, Kirov, UL. Bolshaya Sadovaya/etc. Sokolova, 77/24
10 JoškarOlinskij 10.12.2009 424000, Mari El Republic, ioshkar OLA, St. Proletarskaya, d. 14
11 Irkutsk 18.12.2009 664025, Irkutsk, UL. Chkalova str., 36
12 Chelyabinsk 18.12.2009 , Chelyabinsk 454000, UL. Zwilling, 35
13 Nizhny Novgorod 22.12.2009 603109, Nizhniy Novgorod, UL. Genkina, 33/59A
14 Penza 25.01.2010 440060, Penza, Leninsky district, UL. Moscow, 3
16 Halva 27.09.2010 360004, Nalchik, street. Ahohova, 167
17 Krasnodar 27.09.2010 350015, Krasnodar, street. Krasnoarmeyskaya/IM. Volodya Holovaty, 129/302
18 Petrovsky 27.09.2010 191186, Saint-Petersburg, prospect. Nevsky, 26
19 Gubernsky Bank 18.07.2011 620075, sverdlovskaya oblast, Ekaterinburg, UL. Tolmacheva, 9