Obibank Ltd

Exchange rate Obibank Ltd, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 3185
BIC 044585265
Address of head office 119049, Moscow, Don Street, 13, Building 1
Phone (495) 933-33-23, (495) 933-48-73, (495) 995-09-80
About the bank: Commercial Bank "Joint Investment Bank" created a decision of the founders of the September 2, 1994 in the legal form of limited liability and registered with the Central Bank of Russian Federation (Bank of Russia), December 26, 1994, № 3185. In accordance with the general meeting of June 18, 1999 the name of the legal form of organization is given in compliance with applicable law and is defined as a limited liability company.

Paid-in and a registered capital of the Bank of 900 million rubles.

The Bank has the following types of licenses:

General license for banking operations № 3185 dated April 9, 2012.
The license for attracting deposits and placement of precious metals № 3185 from September 27, 2006.
License of professional participant of securities brokerage activities 177-02774-100000 number on November 16, 2000.
License of professional participant of securities dealer activities 177-02816-010000 number on November 16, 2000.
License of a professional securities market participant for the implementation of the management of securities on the number 177-02851-001000 November 16, 2000.
License of professional participant of securities depository activities 177-03427-000100 number on December 4, 2000.
The license for the conclusion of a mediator in the stock market exchange trading contracts that are derivative financial instruments, the underlying asset of which is a stock item number 1541 of December 23, 2010.

Сurrent bank rate.

Branches of the bank
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