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License Number 635
BIC 044552638
Address of head office 105066, Moscow, street Spartacus, 2, block 6
Phone (495)660-55-55
About the bank: "Commercial Bank" Surskij "(LLC) was founded in 1990 in the village Surskij Ulyanovsk region.
The Bank is a credit institution established in connection with the reorganization of the Limited Liability Company "Commercial Bank" Surskij "by converting to the Closed Joint Stock Company" Surskij Commercial Bank "by the decision of general meeting (Minutes № 24 of September 29, 1998, Protocol № 25 of December 28, 1998) and succeeded to all rights and obligations of the Limited Liability Company "Commercial Bank" Surskij. "
In accordance with the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on November 21, 2007 (protocol number 19) Name of the Bank is changed to "NovahovKapitalBank" (Closed Joint Stock Company). License of the Bank of Russia № 635 to carry out banking transactions.
The authorized capital of a credit institution is 500 million rubles. (Date of state registration of the corresponding changes in the Charter: 10.04.2008).
The objectives of the establishment and operation of the Bank are to provide services to natural persons and legal entities of all types of banking transactions and services used in international banking practice, as well as profit from the implementation of mandated activities.
20 years of excellent work in the financial market allowed the Bank to seamlessly join the deposit insurance system ("NovahovKapitalBank" (ZAO) is included in the register banks - participants of the deposit insurance system January 11, 2005 under number 383). This is sufficient time to objectively assess the correctness of the chosen strategy and the effectiveness of doing business. Today the Bank with complete confidence can be called customer-financial institution, working with large enterprises and small business, trade and service enterprises, as well as private clients. The Bank is not affected by banking crises 1995-2008 period. Timely delivery of the calculations, the implementation of all obligations to clients, openness and willingness to allow the Bank to cooperate not only to preserve but also to significantly strengthen its position.
The Bank is a member of the Association of Russian Banks (ARB).
The Bank - universal credit organization offering a wide range of banking services to individuals and corporate clients.
The main principles of development and improvement of relations between the Bank and its clients are:
High-quality service;
-Continuous extension of the range of services provided;
-Individual approach to each client, aiming at the fullest satisfaction of his needs;
-A high degree of automation.

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