Exchange rate MOSVODOKANALBANK, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 2863
BIC 044585260
Address of head office Pleteshkovsky lane, 3, bld. 2, Moscow, Russia, 105005.
Phone (495) 632-16-91, (495) 632-16-92, (495) 632-16-93, (495) 632-16-94
About the bank: The bank was founded in 1994 as a limited liability partnership under the laws of the Russian Federation and transformed into open joint stock company October 16, 2001, in accordance with the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders of 27 April 2001.

The Bank is licensed by the Bank of Russia the right to conduct all banking operations, including foreign currency.

The Bank is a member of business groups and associations, payment and trading systems:
· Association of Russian Banks;
· Association of Regional Banks;

In addition,
· Has a license of a professional securities market participant;
· Issues its own bills;
· Issues the bank card payment system MASTERCARD International (GOLD, BUSINESS, STANDARD, CIRRUS / MAESTRO).

The Bank is a party to the deposit insurance system in January 2005.

JSCB "Mosvodokanalbank '- one of the major financial participants in the housing and communal services, fuel and energy complex of Moscow and Moscow region, successfully operating since 1994. At present JSC CB "Mosvodokanalbank 'is a universal bank offering a full range of services to corporate and private clients.

According to the financial statements at January 1, 2012 assets of KB 'Mosvodokanalbank' were - 2 544.4 million rubles., Net profit - 4.5 million rubles., Equity - 296.2 million rubles.

The results of the JSCB "Mosvodokanalbank 'for 2011 show that the bank confirms the right to occupy a worthy place in the financial services market.

Сurrent bank rate.

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