Moscow Petrochemical Bank

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License Number 1411
BIC 044579629
Address of head office 121069, Moscow, B. Nikitskaya Street, 49
Phone 232-33-25
About the bank: At present, Moscow Petrochemical Bank - a stable and steadily growing, diversified lending institution, focused on working with small and medium-sized businesses, individuals and providing them with a wide range of quality services.
Our main principles of work with clients and partners are reliability, openness, individual approach, mobility, and punctual, accurate economic calculation and risk assessment. Established partnerships with other lending institutions, both in Russia and abroad can provide uninterrupted service to customers.

In 2011 the Bank continued to work within three years of accepted concepts of development for 2008-2011. and has achieved a significant improvement in results in key areas of its activities.

Expansion of the network, as well as the development of the existing offices, allowed to continue to build its customer base, expanding the range of services provided to customers and transactions, expanding the circle of partners and contractors. Despite the growing competition in the banking market has grown rapidly to raise funds for both corporate and individuals, indicating that confidence in the bank by corporate and private investors. The growth in funds raised enabled the Bank to significantly increase its loan portfolio and expand its presence in financial markets.

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Branches of the bank
Reg. № Name Active In Location (address)
1 The St. Petersburg 03.09.2007 191126, St. Petersburg, UL. Marata, House 73 litera a, Room 5 n