Exchange rate Milbank, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 3256
BIC 044579304
Address of head office 127055, Moscow, Novoslobodskaya Street, 20
Phone (495) 786-45-07, (495) 786-45-09
About the bank: Milbank exists in the financial market for over 15 years. The bank was established June 27, 1995, and is licensed by the Bank of Russia № 3256 for banking operations in rubles and foreign currency.

The bank's assets amount to 2 944 million rubles, the deposits of individuals - 1195 million rubles. According to these figures 375 Milbank takes place in the ranking of retail deposits among the largest banks in Russia.

Milbank is a party to the deposit insurance system and a member of the currency section of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, as well as an affiliated member of the payment system MasterCard International.

Сurrent bank rate.

Branches of the bank
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