Exchange rate METROBANK, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 2548
BIC 044579471
Address of head office The Russian Federation, 121151, Moscow, street Mozhaisky Val, 8B
Phone (495) 739-37-05, (495)730-67-00, (495)739--37-04
About the bank: JSC "METROBANK" was created in 1993 and for over 17 years providing banking and financial services to businesses and individuals.
March 10, 2005 the Bank entered into the deposit insurance system.
In December 2005 the Bank became the owner of the National Banking Award "Golden Lion Bank" in nomination "For achievements in the development of modern banking technology to the end of 2005."
In April 2006, joined the METROBANK ABISS, confirming its affiliation to community organizations whose activities are aimed at the development and promotion of the Standard Bank of Russia HUNDRED BR IBBS-1.0, "Information security organizations of the banking system of the Russian Federation. General, his subsequent releases and supplements as well as other standards, regulations and guidelines of the Bank of Russia regulatory information security organizations, the Russian banking system.
In early 2007, ZAO "METROBANK" has increased its share capital.
In April 2007 ZAO "METROBANK" was the general license of the Bank of Russia, the opening of our organization to new development opportunities, including participation in various state programs and to open branches outside the Russian Federation.

The authorized capital of the Bank's 1.5 billion rubles., Date of change of the authorized capital: 22.02.2007 year

Сurrent bank rate.

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