Local Credit Bank LTD

Exchange rate Local Credit Bank LTD, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 3370
BIC 044585428
Address of head office 109 172, Moscow, street Krutitsky Val, 14
Phone (495) 748-54-24, (495) 748-54-34
Site http://www.mkbank.ru
About the bank: imited Liability Company Commercial Bank "Local credit" is registered in the Directorate of the Central Bank of Russian Federation in Moscow on April 11, 2001. May 31, 2001 the bank received a license from the Bank of Russia for banking operations № 3370. On the basis of the license granted to the bank for the following banking operations in rubles and foreign currency:

raising funds from legal entities to deposits (demand deposits and time deposits)
involved in the placement of deposits (demand deposits and time deposits) of corporate funds on its behalf and at his own expense
opening and maintaining bank accounts of legal entities
settlements on behalf of businesses and individuals, including correspondent banks, through their bank accounts
operational services (the working hours of surgical care in more detail, please click here)
collection of cash, promissory notes, payment and settlement documents and cash services to natural persons and legal entities
buying and selling foreign currency in cash and cashless forms
issuance of bank guarantees
The founders of the Bank's "Local Credit" is the number of industrial enterprises and trading enterprises.
Share capital, registered in the Bank of Russia at the present time, is 133.7 million rubles.
The bank account opened and maintained by small and medium-sized businesses, operating in different areas - trade and mediation, construction, insurance, engineering, air transport, financial and investment companies.

Сurrent bank rate.

Branches of the bank
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