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License Number 2763
BIC 044583267
Address of head office 115054, Moscow, Dubininskaya Street, 45
Phone (495) 234-01-20, (495) 739-45-45
About the bank: The OJSC “Investtradebank” was established in March 1994. Investtradebank (ITB) is a universal commercial bank, providing services to enterprises and organizations with different property forms, representing a wide range of economic sectors, small and medium-sized businesses and private clients.

The Bank’s shareholders equity as at 1 May 2012 made RUR 11 166 008 000 and its total assets equaled RUR 154 550 006 000.

The Bank is steadily ranking among the TOP 100 commercial banks of Russia. Starting from 2004, the Bank has held the Moody’s Interfax Rating Agency ratings. In July 2008 the Moody’s Agency changed the rating of the OJSC “Investtradebank” for long-term deposits in local and foreign currency from a stable to a positive one. The Moody’s confirmed the Banks’ financial sustainability rating (BFSR) E+ as well as the Not Prime short-term deposit rating. At the same time the Moody’s increased the national rating (NSR) of ITB from to In September 2011 the Moody’s Agency left the Bank’s ratings as well as its rating forecasts unchanged: the Banks’ financial sustainability rating (BFSR) - at the level of E+; the long-term and short-term ratings for deposits in national and foreign currency – at the level of B2 and NP (Not-Prime) correspondingly; the national long-term credit rating (NSR) – at the level of; the trends for all the ratings are stable.

In July 2009 the National Rating Agency assigned its individual credit solvency rating to ITB at the level of A+ (high business solvency, first level). In August 2010 the National Rating Agency confirmed the individual credit solvency rating for ITB at the level of A+ with a positive trend. In September 2011 the National Rating Agency increased the individual credit rating of the OJSC “Investtradebank” to the AA- level (very high credibility, the third level).

According to the Profile magazine, ITB occupies the 48th position in the rating of 200 largest Russian banks by the volume of net assets. The Bank is the 6th in the rating of the largest Russian banks by the portfolio of loans, extended to small and medium-size business in 2010 (Expert RA Agency). According to the RUSIPOTEKA Agency, ITB is the 14th in the rating of the leading Russian mortgage banks following the results of the first half of 2011. In opinion of Profile, the Bank belongs to TOP 40 of the most reliable Russian banks and is the 50th among the largest Russian financial and credit organizations by the volume of owners’ equity.

On 11 January 2005 the OJSC “Investtradebank” was put on the register of the banks-participants of the Compulsory Deposit Insurance System, its number in the System is 409. Since May 2009 ITB has been accredited by the Deposit Insurance Agency.

Since December 2004 the Bank has been a member of the Association of Russian Banks, since July 2007 – a member of the Association of Regional Banks “Russia”. Since January 2003 - an associated member of the international payment system Visa International and since April 2007 – an affiliated member of the international payment system MasterCard WorldWide.

Investtradebank is an authorized bank of the Moscow Government.

In July 2008 the Bank of Russia registered an additional issue of shares of the OJSC “Investtradebank” in amount of RUR 4.76 billion, which resulted in increase of the Bank’s registered capital by RUR 4.76 billion, i.e. up to RUR 6.36 billion and the Bank’s capital base made about RUR 8 billion.

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Branches of the bank
Reg. № Name Active In Location (address)
1 Ascension 16.07.1998 153000 Ivanovo Bolshaya Vorobiev's last, 11A
2 Kineshma 27.07.2001 155800, Ivanovo oblast, kineshma, UL. Marshal Vasilevsky, d. 4
3 Penza 23.06.2003 440026, Penza, street k.marksa, House 34
4 Baltic 10.06.2005 191124, St. Petersburg, UL. Stavropolskaya, d. 10, liter a
5 Samara 22.11.2006 Samara, 443041, UL. Arcybuševskaâ, d. 42
6 Volgograd 26.02.2007 400087, Volgograd, UL. Nevskaya, 12V
7 Tyumen 14.06.2007 625048, Tyumen, UL. Malygina, 4
8 Saratov 01.08.2007 410005, Saratov, UL. IM. Zarubina, s. 150.
9 Makhachkala 01.11.2007 367008, Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala, UL. Lezginceva, d. 24/47
10 Voronezh 11.03.2008 394036, Voronezh, Central District, Friedrich Engels, House 33-
11 Kazan 26.03.2008 420111 Tatarstan Republic, Kazan, UL. Ostrovsky, d. 9
12 Yaroslavsky 30.04.2008 150000, Yaroslavl, PR. October, 7
13 Kostroma 06.06.2008 156000, Kostroma, street. Tchaikovsky, d. 17
14 Rostov 18.09.2008 344006, Rostov-na-Donu. Sedova, d. 6/3
16 Ural 19.12.2008 620014, Ekaterinburg, UL. Moscow, Bldg. 1
18 Perm 25.02.2010 614000, Perm, ekaterininskaya Street, building 116
19 Bryansk 16.04.2010 241050, city Bryansk, House 28 Gagarin Boulevard
20 Novosibirsk 13.08.2010 630004 Novosibirsk, dmitrova, House 1/1
21 Stavropol 03.12.2010 355017, Stavropol, street. Marshala zhukova str., 23
22 Khabarovsk 25.05.2011 680000. Khabarovsk, UL. Komsomolskaya, House 102
23 Pokrovsky 12.09.2011 600005, Vladimir, Oktyabrsky Prospekt, 25