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License Number 600
BIC 044525402
Address of head office 115201, Moscow, Starokashirskoye Highway 2, Case 8
Phone (495) 622-98-08, (499) 613-86-60, (499) 613-92-09, (499) 613-93-31
About the bank: AB "INTERPROGRESSBANK" (ZAO) - universal-bank financial institution, the priority of which is the most complete satisfaction of the real sector of Russian economy and individuals in a modern and high-quality banking services.

The bank was founded in March 1973 as a branch of the State Bank Krasnogvardeisky in Moscow and has over 36 years successfully working in the Russian banking services market, gaining a solid reputation as a dynamic, stable and reliable financial institution.

The practical application of suitable and optimal service standards based on a combination of the best traditions of the Russian banking system and modern information technology makes it possible to provide quality service to new customers and continuously deepen cooperation with its partners of the Bank.

AB "INTERPROGRESSBANK" (JSC) has two license number 600 on the banking operations of individuals and entities in rubles and foreign currency.

All deposits at the Bank are insured by the state for up to 700,000 rubles. The Bank is included in the register banks - participants of the deposit insurance system February 24, 2005 under number 700.

We strive to establish long term partnerships with clients based on trust and mutual respect, offering a wide range of banking products and services tailored to the individual needs of each client.

It offers clients a network of offices of the Bank, which includes 17 branches and 3 operating offices outside the checkout. Bank's ATM network and partner banks with over 1,200 units throughout Russia, the Moscow region there are more than 140 payments, 40 POS, 375 ATMs, including those outside of Moscow metro stations.

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