International Bank for Finances and Investments

Exchange rate International Bank for Finances and Investments, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 2073
BIC 044585536
Address of head office 105062, Moscow, Podsosensky Lane, 17
Phone (495) 609-63-63
About the bank: The Bank was founded September 10, 1992 in the form of open joint stock company. The shareholders of OJSC Bank "MBFI" are individuals and legal entities - residents of the Russian Federation, the stake of each shareholder does not exceed 20%.

In 2008 conducted major structural and personnel changes, the aim of which was to create a modern universal credit organization, offering a wide range of banking services.

The purpose of BANK is a comprehensive service in various fields of corporate clients primarily in the Moscow region, providing services to individuals. BANK is a universal bank loans to small and medium businesses, providing services for cash and settlement services businesses and individuals, services, currency control agent, interbank lending and deposit operations. Bank in accordance with the strategy of increasing its loan portfolio is actively participating in lending to the real economy.

One of the priorities of JSC Bank "MBFI" is a consumer lending. Bank offers a range of deposits for physical persons and legal persons and deposits. Deposits in banks allow customers to protect savings from inflation, as well as the Bank is a party to the Deposit Insurance System, on deposit in the amount of 700 000 is covered by state guarantees.

Constant expansion of the list of banking services, improving their quality, development of individual technologies and tariffs, to provide consulting and marketing services - all this contributes to the establishment of long-term and trusting relationship between the bank and its clients.

Bank has been actively developing such a direction as the inter-bank cooperation, with an extensive network of counterparty banks. Bank holds a significant place in the interbank lending market, also speaking and the lender.

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