Exchange rate INKAROBANK, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 2696
BIC 044579124
Address of head office Moscow, Bagrationovsky drive, 7
Phone (095) 202-00-54
About the bank: STOCK COMMERCIAL BANK "INKAROBANK" (Closed Joint Stock Company) was founded in 1994.

JSCB "INKAROBANK" (JSC) provides long-term development strategy, aimed at the active promotion of services for individuals, strengthening corporate business, as well as the achievement of the Bank's leading position in the retail segment, medium and small businesses in Russia, in introducing the latest banking technology. One of the main objectives of the bank's business in the near future - becoming one of leading banks in the retail market.

The principal activities of JSCB "INKAROBANK" (ZAO) are lending to small and medium businesses, as well as the introduction of banking services for private clients. The high degree of financial stability of the Bank, comfortable conditions for the customer cooperation, prompt service and quality service make it a very attractive credit institution and competent partner for financial transactions.

Now you can proudly say that over 17 years of JSCB "INKAROBANK" (CJSC), we were able not only to confirm the status of a reliable partner, but also to continue to move forward, because the only constantly evolving, the bank remains at the forefront of modern life.

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