Exchange rate GLOBUS, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 2438
BIC 044585473
Address of head office 115184, Moscow, Bakhrushin Street 10, Building 1
Phone 644-00-11
About the bank: STOCK COMMERCIAL BANK "Globus" (Open Joint Stock Company) Bank "Globus" (JSC) established in 1993 as an open joint stock company in Moscow.

Bank's authorized capital amounts to 200 million rubles.

February 10, 2005, State Corporation "Deposit Insurance Agency" batteries included "GLOBUS" (JSC) in the register of banks participating in the deposit insurance system under the number 631.

October 14, 2011 the Bank "Globus" (JSC) has been adopted in the Members Section of MICEX currency market (Decision of the Board of the MICEX, protocol number 6).

JSCB "Globus" (JSC) is a universal bank providing a full range of high quality services for both individuals and legal entities. Individuals Bank offers a wide range of loan programs, various forms of money transfer services bank cards of international payment system MasterCard, bank safes for rent, the best options for time deposits, other bank services. Corporate organizations - quality service, current accounts, loans and the possibility of efficient allocation of available resources, maintenance of foreign trade contracts, and other special programs tailored to individual needs and wishes of customers.

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