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License Number 2490
BIC 044585382
Address of head office 115184, Moscow, Ozerkovskaya Quay, 12.
Phone (495) 777-55-45
About the bank: Commercial Bank "Genbank" (Limited Liability Company) was founded September 13, 1993, has a general license CB RF № 2490. The central office is located in Moscow.

This is a modern credit institution, which provides its clients a wide range of high-tech banking services. Since its founding to the present time, the Bank successfully operates. The result is a high degree of trust from customers, the recognition of professionalism and competence of the partners, the growth of the Bank's financial performance.

A balanced and well thought-out policy has Genbank overcome the financial crises in 1995 and 1998, avoiding a breach of duty to their clients, which confirmed the correctness of the chosen course, the priorities and the fundamental principles of the Bank:
Reliability. Caring about the profitability of investments, the Bank provides a balanced state of assets and liabilities, maintains high liquidity.
Individual approach to every client. Constantly improving the quality of banking products, we strive to make it as convenient as possible for each client.
The desire for new things. Using advanced banking technology, qualified personnel, introducing new services, the Bank seeks to meet international banking standards.
Professionalism - High level of training of specialists of the Bank, continuous training allows you to work flexibly and promptly to the Bank by offering high quality service.

Today the bank offers its customers a wide range of banking services, the main ones are: lending to small and medium business, mortgage lending, operations with precious metals deposits, issuing and servicing credit cards, and provides cash management services, trade finance products. The Bank has all the tools to provide high quality banking services in order to meet the financial needs of customers - a set of required licenses and status, advanced information technology infrastructure and professional team.

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Branches of the bank
Reg. № Name Active In Location (address)
1 Omsk 31.12.2009 644043, Omsk, UL. Volochayevskaya, House No. 19, building No. 1
2 in RostovnaDonu 13.01.2010 , 344002 Rostov-na-Donu, kirovsky district, UL. Street, House No. 94