Federal Bank for Innovation & Development

Exchange rates Federal Bank for Innovation & Development, currency trading, buying currency exchange. The dollar, the euro.
License Number 2647
BIC 044583104
Address of head office 11 Tkatskaya street, building 1, Moscow 105318, Russia
Phone (095) 365-15-35, 733-9555
Site http://www.fbid.ru
About the bank: Federal Bank for Innovation & Development (Closed Joint Stock Company) was established in Moscow in 1994 and began work in January 1994 with a license of the Bank of Russia № 2647 from 17.01.94 to carry out banking operations in Russian rubles. The terms of the Bank's operations has been growing, which were obtained by the internal license of the Bank of Russia № 2647 from 25.05.95 to carry out banking transactions in foreign currency, extended license of the Bank of Russia № 2647 of 24.06.96, General License of Bank of Russia № 2647 from 18.03.02 and on 18/12/02 (due to the expansion of the Bank). Since its inception, the Bank has been focused on personal service to both corporate and private clients. Perfect Bank's work during all the Russian banking crises solidified his reputation as a reliable, mandatory and customer-oriented financial institution. Targeted activities to increase the customer base has allowed the Bank to develop dynamically as market lending institution. At the end of 2003 to accommodate the head office of the Bank acquired the ownership of the building in Moscow at the street Weaving, 11, page 1. Transfer to the Bank in its own building in January 2005 was seen clients and contractors as a confirmation of the solidity and reliability of long-term plans of the Bank. Shareholders are aiming to achieve the main objectives of its activities: making a profit from the business, consistent with its specialization and scale, creating a favorable working environment for highly skilled, efficient and loyal employees, creating a favorable business environment of the Bank - its contribution to achieving the necessary level of economic development and public relations. Being the middle of the scale of the Russian bank, the Bank, the most efficient in servicing corporate clients related to medium-sized businesses with a turnover of 15 - 500 million rubles a month, corporate clients operate in various sectors of the economy such as trade, industry, construction, science and education and health.
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