Exchange rate Express-credit, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 210
BIC 044599457
Address of head office 105 037, Moscow, 3rd Spinning Street, 3
Phone (495) 925-07-36
About the bank: ZAO AKB "Express credit" (founded in 1989, the General License of Bank of Russia № 210):

Reliable and dynamic commercial bank, has arisen among the first in the Russian banking market, providing all types of banking services;
More than 20 years, the Bank "Express credit" cooperating with enterprises of the military-industrial complex, state corporations, research institutions - those institutions that provide our country a competitive advantage in the global arena;
The Bank maintains and develops the company's small and medium businesses. This area is an important and promising for the development of the Bank;
The Bank has a complete set of licenses and status necessary for banking activities:

Federal Financial Markets Service License of professional participant of securities brokerage (№ 077-04013-100000 from 21.12.2000), the dealer (№ 077-04060-010000 from 21.12.2000), custody (№ 077-04356-000100 on 27.12.2000), and the activities of the trust management of securities (№ 077-13347-001000 on 05.10.2010), the activity of stock broker, futures and options transactions in stock trading (№ 1328 of 05.03.2009 r ..)
Licence Russian Federal Security Service to carry out work associated with the use of information constituting a state secret (№ 20671 of 18.01.2012, the).
Included in the register banks - participants of the deposit insurance system.

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Branches of the bank
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