Exchange rate CROCUS-BANK, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 2682
BIC 044585881
Address of head office 123056, Moscow, 2nd Brest st., 31
Phone (499) 251-92-29
About the bank: CB "Crocus Bank" (Ltd) was registered by the Bank of Russia 11 February 1994 under number 2682. Bank granted the right to conduct operations in rubles and foreign currency businesses and individuals. Registered authorized capital of 150 million rubles. The main founders of the Bank are Agalarov AI and JSC "Crocus." Group "Crocus," which was based on JSC "Crocus" is one of the largest holdings in the country. The group "CROCUS" includes a financial partner of CB "Crocus Bank" (Ltd), business and shopping center "Crocus City" exhibition center "Crocus Expo", a network of department stores, "Your House" and "Crocus Mall", a condominium "Agalarov House" country residence "Agalarov Estate", shopping and entertainment center «VEGAS».

CB "Crocus Bank" (Ltd) as a versatile, flexible, prompt the Bank has consistently focused on expanding the range of services and quality of service. The basis of successful and continuous operation of the Bank in the financial services industry is a stable operation of the parent company, staff professionalism, attention to customers. Customers get access to a range of banking services for businesses and individuals, including operational, settlement and cash services, cash and non-cash exchange operations, maintenance of foreign trade transactions, raising funds, deposits, transfers of funds through the payment of Western Union and CONTACT, rent bank safes, issue and service of bank cards, the implementation of payroll projects, active operations, including lending and securities transactions.

As of 01.01.2011 the Bank opened 4409 accounts of clients, including:

· 1376 settlement, current accounts of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;

· 3033 current and deposit accounts of individuals.

Work on expanding the customer base - one of the most important activities of the Bank.

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