Exchange rate Basmanny, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 2158
BIC 044583260
Address of head office 105066, Moscow, Lower Krasnoselskaya street, 35, Building 50
Phone (495) 261-12-12, (495) 261-71-74, (495) 265-44-63, (495) 265-46-08, (495) 265-46-09, (499) 264-44-45, (499) 264-46-90, 264-5467, 264-9467
About the bank: JSCB "Basmanny" (JSC) is a universal bank, engaged in all major types of banking operations provided by the financial services market.
The Bank was founded and registered in the Bank of Russia in 1992. We carry out banking operations in rubles and foreign currency in accordance with the license number 2158 issued by the Bank of Russia in 2004.
The Bank has formed a team of professionals having vast experience. At the Bank there is a steady upward trend in financial performance, equity, deposits and of investments. We strive to provide each client a full range of banking products and services through continuous improvement of service levels, the introduction of modern technologies and improved business processes.
Today, the Bank has everything for stable operation: customer trust, professional management and professionals capable of addressing current and future challenges.

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