Exchange rate ACADEMIC SAVINGS BANK, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 622
BIC 044552238
Address of head office Moscow, Dmitry Ulyanov Street 35, Building 1
Phone (095) 126-94-02, (095) 126-94-04, (495) 126-94-08, (495) 126-94-14, (495) 126-94-17, (495) 126-94-21, (499) 126-03-13
About the bank: CB "ASB" was registered by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, October 29, 1990.
The strategic direction of the Bank is to serve corporate clients engaged in various sectors of the economy.
Each customer of the Bank, regardless of the scale and scope, whether it belongs to a small customer, medium or large business engaged in industry, trade, construction, exercising or engaged in foreign trade - everyone can be offered personalized service program for the most effective solutions tasks assigned business customer.
Bank carried out constant monitoring of the needs of clients in the banking services offered by the current market to maximize the opportunities for business development clients.
Bank staff are always happy to meet with the client to discuss and address issues of interest to the Client, whether the issue of crediting rates or selection of individual cash management services. Perhaps you are interested in banking product or service, which today is not the service of our Bank. Management of the Bank will provide as soon as possible to provide this product. It is not just the wishes of customers is an additional factor in the expansion of services of our Bank.
We stand for mutual cooperation. When you, our customers are successful in their business development, we are happy for you.
We understand that the road may be temporary difficulties, from which no one is safe. The Bank will evaluate them properly, get up close and help overcome them.
To make our arguments on joint cooperation were not empty words, do a comparative analysis of tariffs for the services provided by our bank with similar positions of other participants in the banking community.

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