Exchange rate Aksonbank, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 680
BIC 043469714
Address of head office Kostroma, Susaninskaya Square, Big Cakes ranks
Phone 55-23-51
Site http://www.aksonbank.ru
About the bank: In the early 90s in Russia at a rapid pace began to develop the economy and in particular the banking sector. It was at this time began to appear commercial banks. Such a credit institution has CB "Kostromabiznesbank", which was established in November 1990. November 20, 2003, in accordance with the decision of the sole member of a credit institution has been changed on the official name of the bank CB "Aksonbank." March 10, 2004 "Aksonbank" in connection with the change of name, license number 680 was to carry out banking activities.

CB "Aksonbank" - is a dynamic commercial bank, which has a reputation as a solid and reliable institution. The use of modern innovation, high mobility, wide range of banking products developed based on regional conditions, a high level of service, individual approach to each client, a strong professional management team is today.

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