Exchange rate Kranbank, currency trading, buying currency exchange, rate. Dollar, euro, ruble.
License Number 2271
BIC 042406738
Address of head office Ivanovo, Engels avenue, 53
Phone (0932) 30-04-81, (0932) 30-32-35, (0932) 41-05-71, 41-30-45
About the bank: JSCB "Kranbank" (CJSC) was registered by the Bank of Russia January 28, 1993 May 21, the same year obtained a license for banking operations. Initially, the founders' Kranbanka "were Ivanovo enterprise JSC" Crane ", LLP" Ivter ", CJSC" KRANEKS. " The decision on the establishment of the bank affected existed in the early 90's mess with the transfer of funds through banks, money came very late, devalued and lost purchasing power. Production is in great demand of the founders, had free cash resources, which wanted to use effectively.

In the future, members of the bank were a number of individuals (including one U.S. citizen), as well as large engineering enterprises in other regions of Russia, some of which are members of the Independent Association of Mechanical Engineers (NAMS).

During the fifteen-year period, the Bank has evolved from narrowly specialized lending institution into a universal bank, providing almost all types of banking services. More than a thousand legal entities, more than 300 businesses and hundreds of investors put their money and build mutually beneficial partnerships with the Bank.

These relationships are built on trust and based on the known criteria for assessing the reliability of banks. January 20, 2005 the Bank "Kranbank" (CJSC) is included in the deposit insurance system under the number 469.

JSCB "Kranbank" managed to gain a foothold in the Moscow financial market, opened in 2005 in Moscow, has successfully worked in a branch.

Сurrent bank rate.

Branches of the bank
Reg. № Name Active In Location (address)
2 Moscow 13.10.2005 129626, Moscow, Mytischi, d. 3 stroenie 1