RFRate.com is the service, which is created for Russia with the help of Google technologies, development of such companies as Sencha Inc, Oracle. This web application is running in the infrastructure of Google, using the advanced technology of this company.

While developing, special attention is paid to the speed of the site, that's why the code of our site is optimized and laid out. Besides we strive to ensure that the resource has been effective and convenient to use. The site is original and unique, both in terms of technology used in its creation and in terms of the ease of its use.

Our main goal is to bring you a comprehensive and objective information about banks, banking products in a simple, convenient way.

Our motto is "We save you time and money".

It is impossible to develop a web application which would satisfy all, without exception. The site has a page: http://www.rfrate.com/en/contact-us.jsp with the help of which we get users' comments. Knowing your opinion, we will provide the perfect balance between comfort, functionality and beauty of the resource.

Welcome to RFRate.com!